Live: Today Pournami Lottery RN 305 Results 17-9-2017: Kerala Lottery Results

Live: Today Pournami Lottery RN 305 Results 17-9-2017: Kerala Lottery Results :- Pournami RN305 Lottery Result: The Kerala Lottery department is all set to successfully declare the Pournami RN305 Series Lottery Result. The Result will be live now for the draw on 17th September on Sunday. Pournami Lotteries for the 65 Lakhs draw for series RN 305 result will be out today at the media portal of the Pournami RN305 Lottery portal. The people who have purchased the Pournami RN305 Lottery can see their result on this Sunday. Thiruvonam Kerala Lottery 

Pournami RN305 Lottery result needs to be check by following some procedure.

Pournami RN305 Lottery Result- Live*

It is easy to see the Kerala Lottery Results Online. As the lucky draw will be held so the lucky person will win the Pournami Lotteries which will be held on Sunday. Actually, the Pournami RN305 lotteries have successfully participated for the same draw. As per recommendation the result of the Pournami Lotteries can check the simple steps given below on online:

Onam Bumper Lottery 2017

Pournami RN305 Lottery Result updates in Detail:

The Kerala Pournami RN 305 Lottery is sounded so special for Sunday Winners as they will be seen winning a token amount of Rs. 65 Lakhs which will be announced on the afternoon. As per the plan, the Pournami lottery results not only awards 65 Lakhs draw. Furthermore, 5Lakhs will be declared as the 2nd Prize which will proceed with 12 lucky One Lakh rupee awards and other 6 awards including consolation prize.

Pournami Lottery RN 305 Results

By following these steps you can check the draw for Pournami RN305 Lottery Result 2017.

1). Go through the Pournami Result portal for checking Pournami RN305 Lottery Ticket Updates Online

2). There you can see the notification on Pournami RN305 Lottery Result.

3). Go through the same and check out the time by which results for Pournami RN305 Unveils as scheduled.

4). Confirm the Pournami RN305 Lottery Results by Checking Series and Date mentioned in the same are true.

Pournami Lottery Result Notification:

The Pournami RN 304 results have been successfully drawn as per the planning and it is RT AQS 252582 from one of the ALAPPUZHA agency has won the 65 Lakhs winning the draw for Pournami Lottery. This is one of the great opportunities for the people who are looking for the Pournami Bagyakuri for the draw awarded which is around RT 252582 lottery ticket.

Pournami RN 305 Prize Details:

1st Prize- Rs :65,00,000/- (65 Lakh) :

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/-

2nd Prize:- Rs.5,00,000/- (5 Lakh) :

3nd Prize:- Rs.100,000/- (1 Lakh) :

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-

5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/-

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-

7th Prize- Rs. 500/-

8th Prize- Rs. 100/-

A Pournami lottery is a type of legitimized government betting which is known for display the numbers for a prize. In fact, some governments prohibited the lottery system while other governments endorse the same.

The Kerala Lottery brings about Pournami Lottery RN 305. Well people of the Kerala if they had obtained the tickets can check the Kerala Lottery Results at the official media portal of the Kerala lottery or they can also download Kerala Lottery app.

Final Verdict:

The Kerala Lottery department brings about Pournami Lottery RN 305. Apart from people can check the Pournami lottery at the official media portal of the same, they can also download the Pournami RN305 Lottery Results post the result will be declared.