Lol 12 Film Proved that Shah Rukh Khan Had Played a STALKER almost in his entire career!

Lol 12 Film Proved that SRK Had Played a STALKER almost in his entire career, 6th one is Best! :- Every romeo can be Shah Rukh Khan if stalking can make girls fall for you. But as no one has his intellectual wit, his affable charm and his act of streching his arms. Many of romeos has ended up  getting up by the public, by your own family members,  the girls’ brothers or father or the police.

The Reason of talking this is did you realise in his every famous movies, Shah Rukh Khan played as a Stalker. You ignore many things when you watch his movies as his charm in your eyes cover his stalkness and you failed to notice.

Here we preapare a list of 12 movies in which you ignore his stalkness while watching his dimpled smile.

Deewana – stalked a widow


This is his first leading role where he had to stalk a widow. When she is in grief by the loss of her husband.On holi,  SRK puts colours on her forcibly , but since he was SRK, he got the woman. As this was a movie so it happened but in real if anyone dare to do something like this, he will face the hard reality and got punished.

Kabhi haan kabhi naa – stalked his childhood friend

Kabhi haan kabhi naa

SRK secretly loved his childhood friend but she is not interest in him. She loved an another guy. SRK tried to break their relation and wanted to get the girl.

Maya memsaab – stalked someone’s wife

Maya memsaab

In this movie a young, beautiful and intelligent girl ‘Maya’ married a doctor but more times the doctor remain busy with treating his patients and Maya felt alone. Now SRK comes in her life and a passionate affair begin.

Dilwale dulhania le jayenge – stalked a girl from zurich to punjab

Dilwale dulhania le jayenge

This is the most fav SRK movie. In movie SRK was fooling Simran by stealing her bra that she slept with him and following her all around the Europe. Great Stalker.

Kuch Kuch hota hai – stalked his principal’s daughter

Kuch Kuch hota hai

He played as a stalker . Did you noticed that he enter Tina’s room by window. Who dare to do it?

Dil se – Stalked a terrorist

Dil se

In the end he died . This is happen when you stalked a girl blindly without knowing her background.

Josh – Stalked his neighbourhood girl


About his exploits, he sang ballad “Apun bola tu meri lela”. Stalker right.

Kal ho naa ho – Stalked his neighbour , his best friend and her male friend

Kal ho naa ho

SRK knew he will be died one day still he stalked Naina and make Naina falls for himself.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna – Stalked someone’s wife again.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Again he Stalked Someone’s wife . He was not happy with his wife , in place of sorting out problems he escaped and find another woman who was a wife of someone else. He made a deep conversation about love, life and happiness which made that other’s wife had fallen for him.

Paheli – Stalk someone’s wife as a ghost


Even he was a ghost but attitude never change. SRK shows stalkness can never change even after becoming a ghost.

Main hoon naa – Stalked his teacher

Main hoon naa

No mistake of SRK. If you have a teacher like Sushmita sen then stalking is natural.

Rab ne bana di jodi – Stalked his wife

Rab ne bana di jodi

This is the height of stalkness. SRK did not exclude even his wife from stalkness. He introduced a new character of same look to his wife and play as a stalk. Very wrong Mr. SRK .  

And now stalking himself in movie ‘FAN’ .  Just LOL.