Louisiana Girl Sadie Davila Mauled To Death By Neighbour’s Pitbull In Yard

Louisiana Girl Sadie Davila Mauled To Death By Neighbour’s Pitbull In Yard:- Many incident reports come with lots of sadness but the incident that took place with a 7-year-old girl has shocked the entire county. According to the latest updates from Louisiana, a 7-year-old girl identified as Sadie Davila was mauled to death by a neighbor’s pitbull pet. Yes, Sadie Davila was killed by a dog who live nearby her house. As per the sources, the Pitbull dog ran into her family’s yard and attacked the girl, says authorities. Unfortunately, the girl could survive in the hospital and succumbed to her injuries. It is hard to accept that a beautiful has gone from her family.

Louisiana Girl Sadie Davila Mauled To Death By Neighbour's Pitbull In Yard

Reports says that Sadie Davila was playing outside her East Baton Rouge Parish home at around 06:30 PM on Friday when the dog ran into the neighbor’s property and brutally attacked her, as per the documents obtained by the advocate. During the incident, family members tried to take off by hitting it with a walking cane but the dog couldn’t be deterred. After this, the girl was taken to the hospital with multiple dog bites on her face and several skull damage. Later, she succumbed to her injuries. Keep reading to know more details.

What Happened To Sadie Davila?

Haley Anselmo, Sadie’s mother took her Facebook and wrote,” My baby. She is only 7 years old. My mini me. The light in my heart. Words don’t exist for what this feeling is. My family is shattered. Please pray for us. Pray they press charges on the dog’s owners & hold them responsible”. Another side, Sadie’s father, Mikey Davila wrote,” RIP my sweet Sadie Elizabeth, 7-years-old & taken from us in the most violent way. The world is a cruel place. You were the light in my heart”.

Sadie Davila was a student of The Woodlawn Elementary community who is also mourning the passing of 7-year-old Sadie Davila. The educators of Davila says that she was a bright soul with a big heart. Vanessa Bloss, the principal at Woodlawn Elementary School expressed,” From the day that her grandma came to register her, she just had a light inside of her that could not be contained, and absolutely anybody who she comes into contact with just instantly falls in love with her”. Now, the entire Davila family is going through a difficult time as they lost their beloved child. Sadie Davila will be always remembered as a bright and beautiful child in their memories.

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