Lubao Accident Video: 6 killed With Infant In Pampanga Christmas Weekend Fatal Crash

Lubao Accident Video The season of celebration has turned into a flash of demises that has caused a number of people to mourn. The municipality of the Philippines, Lubao town, has witnessed a minibus tragedy that has caused seven people to lose their lives on Sunday afternoon. The victims included a 1-year-old boy. As per the reposts, there was a minibus that rammed two tricycles. The tricycle was there in the Barangay Isidro that was cruising Jose Abad Santos Avenue’s eastbound lane around 4:30 PM on Sunday, 26th December 2021. This mishap has brought the family members of all the victims into mourn. The police investigation is taking place.

Lubao Accident Video

Official Statement of police

As per the statement given by a senior police officer related to the investigating team of this accident case, the infant was there in a tricycle along with his three family members when the tricycle was rammed by the minibus. The officer has stated that the minibus was moving from Bataan province to the City of San Fernando in the same lane. All of a sudden, the minibus bumped the tricycle and resulting in the death of seven individuals. The minibus collided with the tricycle on the backside of the tricycle. The minibus did not only hit the tricycle but also a concrete electric post and a waiting shed as well.

Lubao Accident Video

As far as the destruction by this accident is widely known related to a concrete electric post and awaiting post, the mishap has destroyed not only public property but also the human life of seven. Someone has captured the accident scene on his camera and shared it on social media. The social media video has stirred all the viewers. This video has become one of the searched videos on the internet.

The police have identified the infant as  Julian Mcklain Mendoza. Other than the infant, other identified victims were Jun Mendoza aged 35 years, May Anne Mendoza aged 25 years, Justin Castro aged 22 years, Trisha Gogolin aged 22 years and Armando De Guzman aged 51 years. One victim is still to be identified. The survived passengers are in hospital and recovering from the injuries that they have experienced in the concerned mishap. The police are taking stiff action against the driver of the minibus because he has been considered to be the prime suspect in this accident. Mat God give the souls of all deceased get some space to rest in peace.

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