Lucknow: Class 12 Student Commits Suicide After Mother Scolds Her For Using Mobile

A girl committed suicide after being scolded by her mother for using her smartphone incessantly. The incident took place in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. The girl committed suicide after her mother scolded her for using her smartphone excessively. The incident has caused a stir in the nation. The police have rushed to the spot of the incident and sent the body to post-mortem. Keep reading to know how she committed suicide because of her serious addiction to smartphones. So, read the complete article to aware yourself.

Class 12 Student Commits Suicide After Mother

The girl who killed herself was named Sunita and she was in the 12th grade. She hadn’t been feeling well for a few days and wasn’t going to school. She was talking to her friends at home and her mom got mad at her so she took her phone with her and went to work. This incident shows how mental issues are increasing due to the excessive usage of smartphones and the internet. That all things make us addicted to them. That increases the mental health problem. So, we should limit the usage and use when it is necessary. Swipe to know more details related to this incident which led to serious steps of suicide with some serious mental health problems.

Class 12 Student Commits Suicide After Mother Scolds

The police said that Sunita had not been going to the college for the last couple of days due to her health. Sunita was on the phone with her friends all the time. The police said Sunita’s mother was shocked when she heard Sunita talking on the phone to her friends. The mother stormed out and went to work with her cell phone. In August 2023 another Class 12 student took her own life after her mom berated her for getting up late and not studying in the morning. Keep reading to know the whole story about this case.

Angry with her mother, Sunita hung herself in her bedroom. Before committing suicide, she sent her brother out to play. On his return, he hung himself in the same room. The police reached the spot immediately after getting the information. The police sent Sunita’s body to a hospital for post-mortem. This incident shows that the use of smartphones is hurting the mental health of people. This is leading to serious mental health issues. The incident serves as a reminder that we need to control the use of smartphones and reduce our dependency on them. Stay connected to get the latest news updates.

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