Luke Aikins made World Record as skydiver jumps 25,000 feet without a parachute

The morning began with a news coming out that Luke Aikins sets the world record by becoming the first person to jump 25,000 feet without a parachute.


Luke Aikins is a 42-year-old skydiver  and has made 1800 jumps without any mishaps by landing almost in the middle of the 100-foot by the 100-foot net.

After setting the world record, Mr. Luke Aikins only took few minutes to get regain his composure, then dusted himself and straight went in the arms of his wife Monica.

Prior to his jump, his wife was seriously worried about her husband and told the reporters that ”I was really worried about him , but now when he hade made the history, I and my family are really happy for him”.

This jump of Aikins was broadcasted by the Fox channel and all the relatives , family members and friends of Aikins were watching him in the improvised spectator stand in the California desert.



 Aikins did the preparation of around 18 months for this jump and earlier the idea was to wear the parachute during this jump, but later he jumped without the parachute.

It is believed that Aikins changed his mind just before making his world jump. He told the media that parachute would have made the jump more typical and dangerous as it would affect my position to jump he approached the net.

Aikins also disclosed the mastermind behind suggesting this jump to him. He told the reporter that the whole idea about this jump was discovered my old friend Chris Talley and from, that day I started preparing myself for this historic jump.