Luxury Budget Baazi Task Result Bigg Boss 9 22nd December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Luxury Budget Baazi Task Result Bigg Boss 9 22nd December 2015 Episode Written Updates : Last night’s episode of the one of the popular TV show “Bigg Boss 9” was filling-up with the mixed emotions. In on one hand the superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol played games with the housemates in their jovial Andaaz. The participants’ had been fight with each other to performed best in the luxury budget task and to have the “Luxury Budget”.

Luxury Budget Baazi Task Result Bigg Boss 9 22nd December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 22nd December 2015 Episode

So, we saw in the yesterday night that a conflict took place in the house in which everybody fought with Priya Mllik. Means the entire house made a sleazy comment on Priya which makes her arrogant and the ugly spat took place. But the housemates believed the same did by Priya herself in front of SRK and Kajol about the entire housemates. The housemates including Rishabh discuss about it with Prince and eventually the entire house blasted on Priya with questions. Priya became so angry but somehow she handles the situation.

Tonight it will be extension of the “Luxury Budget Task” in which a new aspect is to introduced and in the new task the housemates have to perform now. By this new task they are getting second time to have their lost money back.

Tonight it will be shown that the second new task name is “Baazi” in which the housemates will be divided in to two groups and these two groups have to perform the task in two levels. Last night already we saw the housemates were divided into groups and they have to stands continuously in the pole with massive water flowing on them. They lose first task of the house by the way.

Tonight the housemates have to play wrestling with each other in the battlefield of “Bigg Boss”. Although, they are not professional wrestler but they will be performing like professional wrestler. As the participants’ of the house have to do wrestling with the professional wrestlers and they need to survive under the wrestling ring for at least 20 minutes against a professional wrestler. If the house mates successful doing so, they will get some amount of price money.

This is a gymnastic task which will be given to three “Jodis” of the house which includes “Suyyash-Priya”, “Kishwer-Mandana” and last but not the “Nora-Keith” had to perform the task one by one against the professional wrestlers. Being captain of the house Prince gets chance to bid on the “Jodis” whom he thinks that able to win and survive till last. This bid was for Rs 4 Lakh and with this Prince had bid on “Priya-Suyyash”.

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