Madhuri Dixit Have Fun on stage! So You Think You Can Dance 19th June 2016 Episode HD Video

Madhuri Dixit Have Fun on stage! So You Think You Can Dance 19th June 2016 Episode HD Video :- Now the dancing reality show So You Think You Can Dance has reached its 11th Gala round and the show is just away from meeting the Top 10 contestants of India’s biggest dance reality show!


Saturday’s episode of SYTYCD was clearly amazing as it was just a magical and the magic creates with the Kalpita and Aryan’s jaw dropping performance.

It isn’t a child’s play to dance around the stage where water is splashing on your face, the person can even slip on the floor if he will be break lose, including a bone! But, hats off to these two mind blowing dancers who got a standing ovation from the audience as well from the panel judge remembers including the celebrity guests of the Marathi drama Sairat team!

Anyway, Kalpita and Aryan gave one of the most memorable performances on the show and they danced on the song ‘Yed Lagla’. The Marathi blockbuster Sairat team including Akash and Rinku were there on the show last night for the promotion of the Sairat.

On the show then the TV actress turn anchor of the dancing show So You Think You Can Dance, Mouni Roy also became emotional when a contestant Roza Rana arrived there on the show.

As per a reliable source, “When a contestant, Roza Rana was asked why this competition was so important to her, she said because of her dad. Roza then went on to share that her dad was her constant support. He left his job for her dream of becoming a dancer. He moved out so that he could take his daughter to dance classes. She then shocked everyone by stating that her dad had a sudden demise leaving everything shattered for her. But as he had made Roza promise that she will never stop dancing, she now wants to make him proud”.

Hearing her story, Mouni became emotional as she also lost her dad sometime back and she brings tears in her eyes then.

Rithvik and the panel judges members now tried to make the situation lighter in order to bring back the smile of Mouni on the Mouni and Roza’s face.