Madhya Pradesh: 3 years old boy fall in the borewell & died before the rescue

Madhya Pradesh: 3 years old boy fall in the borewell & died before the rescue :- On Friday, a three-year-old boy had fallen into a borewell and stuck inside a 28-feet borewell in Gwalior district, Madhya Pradesh. But on Saturday afternoon he was pulled out by the rescuers. The authorities said that he was declared dead at the hospital.


When he was playing on Friday evening, Abhi Pachori, 3 years old had slipped and fallen into a borewell in his father’s field in Kheri-Gaon village of Dabra block. The village is about 45 kilometers from Gwalior. After falling  in the borewell, he has been motionless ever since.

The villagers raised the alarm soon and a team of field officials including the SDM, BSF men and revenue officials had rushed to the spot as early as possible. The rescue team had been worried about the lack of movement of the boy in the borewell and the presence of several-foot-long snake moving around him, as seen with a video camera.

In the past years, this is the third such incident in the state Madhya Pradesh. These incidents raise questions about the preparedness of the government to deal with and stop such crises. In both the past borewell incidents, the children died in the borewell before rescue personnel reached them.

Child collage

A local resident, Rajkumar asked that the BJP government is in power for 12 years in the Madhya Pradesh. What has been its plan to check recurrence of such incidents.

Mukesh Chaturvedi who is the BJP legislator from Bhind has said that he would raise the issue in the state assembly. He will meet chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to check such borewell incidents.

He added that there should be a stringent law to prevent children’s death.