Madhya Pradesh: Why Cheetah Cub Born at Kuno National Park Died

There is shocking news coming forward related to the death of the cheetah cub and this news is the headline of the news and internet sites. It was the fourth cheetah who died at Kuno National Park and this news became a topic of discussion. Yes, you heard right it was the fourth cheetah who passed away in just over two months at the Kuno National Park located in Madhya Pradesh, India. Lots of queries arrived from the people’s minds, so we made an article and shared the whole details and also talk some more facts related to this topic.

Why cheetah cub born

It is shared that it is the fourth time when a cheetah died and the dead cheetah was a cheetah cub. It died a few hours later on 23 May 2023 when the cheetah monitoring team at Kuno National Park discovered that one of the four cubs was born on 27 March 2023 to Jwala (formerly Siyaya), a Niberian female cheetah. It was the fourth cheetah who died at the National Park in a little over two months from among the 20 adults translocated from Africa. One of the translocated African cheetahs, Jwala bearing four cubs at the National Park. Swipe up to know more about this topic.

Why Cheetah Cub Born at Kuno National Park Died

This news is currently running in the trends of the internet and so many people are sharing thier sorrows for the death. As per the reports, eight cheetahs were brought to India on 17 September 2022 from Namibia and released at Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park. Later, 12 more cheetahs were translocated from South Africa to India and they were also released at the Kuno. Now one of the four cubs passed away and this news went viral on the internet and the headlines of the news. This is the fourth time when a cheetah died in over two months. The death of the cheetah cub was confirmed and shared by the Madhya Pradesh chief wildlife warden J.S. Chauhan.

The Madhya Pradesh chief wildlife also shared that cheetah cubs had a 10-20 percent chance of survival in the wild. It is also shared that the cheetah cubs are living in wild conditions with day temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius on most days at the national park. Currently, not much information has been confirmed or shared about this topic and we will update you soon. Stay connected to dekhenws.com to get more articles on the latest news topics.

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