Maharaja of Jamnagar Two Biopics: Omung Kumar and Ashutosh Gowariker Both are working on same Project!

Maharaja of Jamnagar Two Biopics: Omung Kumar and Ashutosh Gowariker Both are working on same Project! :- Well, as you all know that Bhoomi Producer Omung Kumar is all set to move on, on some other projects.  As per the reports, the Producer is all set to work on the biopic of Maharaja Of Jamnagar. Also, the sources are saying that he is planning to rope in Sanjay Dutt for the same which means that he is in a mood to work with Sanjay again. Also, the reports are coming that he confirmed this movie and shared his plans with Mirror.

He said, “We plan to shoot in Poland, India and across continents. The story idea came from Sanjay and Vikas Verma, who is also a part of the film. I will be leaving for Poland in two months for a recce. We are tracing the entire journey, from Poland to Mumbai and finally Gujarat, so the film will take a while to shoot.” Also, he said, “It took so much time to get the film off the ground because it is being shot on a huge scale,”.

Maharaja of Jamnagar Two Biopics

Overall, when Omung Kumar said that he was going to work on Maharaja Of Jamnagar’s Biopic everything was perfect but then a twist came out when another National Award-winning director, Ashutosh Gowariker said that he was working on the same project. Well, this means that in upcoming days it is going to be so exciting to see that which director is actually going to pick this biopic. After that when mirror contacted Omung Kumar, he chose not to comment, a source close to the director told Mirror that he has bought the rights to the story.

Also, is we talk about the story then you can say that this movie is going to be a good thriller for the fans. Mirror reported, “In 1942, ships containing Polish refugees from Russia and Siberia were denied asylum by all the countries they visited. The Maharaja of Jamnagar established a Polish Children Camp in Jamnagar-Balachadi for children brought out of the USSR during World War II. Overall, after his death in 2016 everybody is talking about and Poland government give him respects.