Maharashtra: Teenage Boy Jumps to Death From Sixteen Floor in Maharashtra’s Bhayandar VIDEO

The horrifying and painful news is from Bhayandar located in north Mumbai, Maharashtra where a teenage boy attempted suicide by jumping from the window of an apartment. The boy was just 13 years old and lost his life in aggression. It is through reports that the boy was unhappy with his new haircut which he found too short to suit him. This panic incident has shaken the people around. The incident happened on Tuesday night when the boy jumped from the bathroom window of his 16th-floor flat. The only brother of two elder sisters has left the sisters and parents in unforgettable grief. Read out the whole incident which is alarming us about the teen’s mental health conditions.

Teenage Boy Jumps to Death

It is through the sources that the boy named Shatrughan Pathak who was in class 8th and residing in Sonam Indraprastha Building in east Bhayander was found dead in the compound area of the apartment at around 11.30 pm. Further investigations with the family unveil that the boy went for a haircut with his cousin in the daytime and was very upset and disturbed after reaching home. The parents and sisters tried to calm down him but the boy was discontented. around 11.30 when family members went to sleep, he went to the washroom and leapt out of the window. The residents and security guard were horrified by the sound of the fall and rushed toward the site. Instantly boy was rushed to hospital but was declared dead after reaching there.

Teenage Boy Jumps to Death

The police have filed the accidental death case and are investigating further to find out the other reasons which may be for this extreme step. People in the area and especially in the apartment are in extreme trauma due to this incident. People are also concerned that grills should be there in all windows. And this mishappening also triggered issues pertaining to the mental health of teenagers. The family of the boy is in great turmoil and shattered by the loss.

These types of incidents which are surfacing every day on news platforms are alarming society. Teenagers are facing so many body image issues and bullying by their peers which lead to these types of unwanted incidents. We not only provide you with the news or the information but the underlying issues which must be taken into account for the betterment of society. Be a part of us to change for good in our mission. Stay tuned……..

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