Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 13th October 2016 Written Updates! Mahek is stunned

Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 13th October 2016 Written Updates! Mahek is stunned :- In the last night episode of the TV series Zindagi Ki Mahek begins with Mahek is chatting with Shaurya in the facebook and Shaurya asked to her that why she is too tensed. Mahek shares the difficulties which she is sharing now a day in her life.\


Till now being a facebook friend Mahek and Shaurya are now aware of the each other’s identity. Now Shaurya asked to Mahek that she should take part in the cooking competition as she is a fantastic cook.

Next morning, Balwant talks to Jeevan and they joke and when Jevan sees Mansi he asked about Ravi to her. Mansi asked Jeevan that she is keen to go to temple but she won’t take Ravi with her.

Kaanta asked to Mahek about the cooking competition and Mahek said to her that she will be taking part on it. When Kaanta asked to Mahek about Ravi Mahek just leaves on the hurry and she did not reply anything to her.

Ravi is somehow happy to see Mansi. Somehow Ravi engaged in fighting and Sonal is just shocked to see so. She comes to Mahek’s house and tells them about the whole matter. The family then rushes there and Jeevan taunts Ravi. Somehow Jeevan sees angry on Ravi.

Something happens in which Mahek get hurt, Kaanta tries to make her understand the fact and Mansi try to make Jeevan understand but Mahek looks sad somehow.

Ravi thinks to see an apology from Jeevan by giving him a treat of the ice cream. Shaurya also comes at the same petrol pump and see Mahek there. He gets fume and goes away from there. Ravi and Jeevan try to make the feelings of each other to understand each other.

Precap: Mahek sees Shaurya but Shaurya just humiliated Mahek. Shaurya also throws the diary of her on which Mahek has been written many things. Mahek became sad with teary eyes.