Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 14th October 2016 Written Updates! Mahek is stunned

Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 14th October 2016 Written Updates! Mahek is stunned :- Zee Tv most exciting interesting program, Zindagi Ki Mahek looks like a spectacular impressive show, which gives the massive voltage potential that shifts to the Zindagi Ki Mahek followers.


Zindagi Ki Mahek 14th October 2016 Written Update

The official TV series Zindagi Ki Mahek clearly made to give goose bumps to the onlookers with its never dropping dilemma way and especially the important crux of the program is to showcase in the newest episodes that, Rajiv says whatever Mahek has cooked, it looks great and is introduced well so we ought to taste it once, Shaurya says Rajiv Sir we are not in eatery but rather in rivalry, Rekha says one moment I would need to taste this dish as well.

Where In the latest incident, Mahek glances around and says what they are cooking? Shaurya asks what happened Miss Sharma? it is safe to say that you are supposing what they are cooking?

Mahek says yes, Shaurya says they are cooking what all of you expected to cook, and what you couldn’t cook, this dish is called risotto, its Italian dish and you couldn’t cook it so you are fizzled, Mahek is staggered, Shaurya dislike this, say Ri. Mahek looks on and says Ri.

He says now say as much. he says its Sautan like So, you should stare at the TV serials, I am making you comprehend in your dialect, all snicker at Mahek, he requests that she say TTO.

Rajiv says everything is getting recorded Shaurya, Rekha says don’t spook her. Shuarya says what I need just that will appear on Tv and this is a young lady is a fake, she doesn’t know anything besides is a con artist.

Mahek reviews how PD exhorted her to take her heart, how Mohit said that she will win just, how Karela King kept in touch with her that there is the triumph in front of dread. Shaurya says you have just 15minutes residual, cook what you want.

Shaurya says just 15minutes are remaining, he says to Rajiv that I feel frustrated about you, you lost before beginning. Rajiv sees Mahek cooking and says the photo is remaining, see her, Shaurya minds Mahek cooking.

Mahek tells to herself that focus.PD calls Kanta and inquires as to why they are taking so much time? is it accurate to say that they are making her stroll on the slope? Kanta says I don’t have the foggiest idea, why you are calling me again and again.countdown begins for the rivalry to end. Mahek is serving her dish on a plate, Shaurya is hovering around her and watching her.

Rajiv numbers 5… .3..2..1.. he requests that everybody quit cooking, extremely well done by everybody. Judges are prepared to taste dishes. Rekha tastes one dish and says it’s exclusive cheddar flavor, it’s not adjusted for me, I am sad.

Rajiv tastes one and says mushrooms are not cooked well, I am sad. Shaurya asks Mahek what she cooked? Mahek says I have made rice pakoras.

Shaurya says you were requested that cook risotto, however, you didn’t, Shaurya says to Mahek that you requested cooker for khidchi, did you change the arrangement?

what transpired? you didnt utilize it? this is not risotto but rather rice balls which you are calling as rice pakoras.