Zindagi Ki Mahek/Mehek 24th October 2016 Written Updates! Everyone looks tensed

Zindagi Ki Mahek/Mehek 24th October 2016 Written Updates! Everyone looks tensed :- The TV series Zindagi Ki Mehek is yet to showcased in the last week episode that Shaurya is mistakenly hurt which turn to be wounds on Mahek’s finger which actually upset Mahek. But Shaurya doesn’t look sorry for something he did to her.


In the last episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek, we had seen that Shaurya asked to Rajiv that now I will be taking revenge from this girl Mahek and I will be make her cry anyway which will be helping me to raised TRP of my show.

Shaurya also criticised that Mahek is always think of her that she is right but now this will not happen anymore as I will be proved her wrong in front of the India. Rajiv asked to Shaurya that how he can be so cruel to Mahek and Shaurya said yes he is cruel.

He also said that he can do anything to make this girl Mahek sad and guilty. In the house, Mahek is with PD and Kanta gets tensed for her. She then gets the oil and says to Mehak that I will do Chumpy of yours hair. Nehal somehow angry to see this and she speak with Ravi.

Kaanta is worried that whether they did right to send Mahek in the completion but Jeevan asked to her that Mahek is having ability to face any kind of the decision.

Now on the competition level Mahek is getting ready to do the competition but Shaurya asked to her that how she can take part in the competition her hands are cut but Mahek boasted of herself that she can face any situation.
Shaurya taunts her that she is not aware of how to cut vegetables’ and taking part in the completion. Mahek looks annoyed with Shaurya.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Shaurya is still in anger with Mahek and holds her hand. He made her finger cut by the knife unintentionally and Mahek cries to see that her fingers cut down. Now it will be interesting to see did Mahek wins the challenge or get lose. Shaurya looks on her with anger eyes.