Karva Chauth Special Episode! Zindagi Ki Mahek/Mehak 25th October 2016 Written Updates

Karva Chauth Special Episode! Zindagi Ki Mahek/Mehak 25th October 2016 Written Updates :- ZEE TV most extraordinary delightful show, Mehak looks like an attractive entertaining program, which gives the high voltage potential that moves to the Mehak fans.


Mehak 25th October 2016 Written Update

The periodic TV series ‘Mehak’ properly made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never refusing dilemma way and quickly the standard crux of the program is to showcase in the current episodes that, Kanta says to Mahek that she needs to quick for Karvachauth, Mahek says once more?

Kanta says you quick to get the great spouse. Shaurya says to his mom that she does not need to quick for karvachauth, father says hush up about your sentiment, Shaurya answers would he say he is frightened that if a mother does not keep quick then something will transpire? father glares him.

Where In the latest episode, Mahek says to the mother that I ought to clear out. Mahek begins leaving yet Shaurya obstructs her direction, Mahek tries to avoid him yet erroneously tosses tea on his suit, he says bl**dy numbskull.

She says sorry, give me coat, I will give it for cleaning, Shaurya says do you even know how far reaching it is? he comes nearer to Mahek and removes her dupatta, Mahek is dazed and glares him, Shaurya wipes his jacket with her dupatta, both gazes seriously.

He comes closer and puts dupatta on her shoulder, and he covers her with dupatta, Mahek looks in his eyes, music plays, Mahek says you have conducted or not?

Your mom is pleasant and you converse with young ladies like that? Shaurya says its fine till show however dont you set out to meddle in my life, Mahek says I dont get a kick out of the chance to meddle in your life.

Your mom is an extremely pleasant woman, what she accomplished for me, I can always remember it, I am in this opposition in light of my Chachi and your mom.

So I went to welcome her, Shaurya says dont you wander around my mom Other insightful your life will turn from good news to bad news, bl**dy white collar class, he leaves, Mahek gazes him. Kanta comes to Mahek and asks how could she have been able to she get harmed on a finger? Mahek says nothing.

Shaurya is in auto with his mother. Mother says what that young lady said that you are huffing to such an extent? Shaurya says she is not my sort of young lady, she is drama queen.

Mother says you had numerous lady friends, however, no one stayed in life for all the more than 15days, Shaurya says they demonstrate their existence in 15days just, Mother says I instructed you to proceed onward, overlook that agonizing past, Shaurya says by what means would I be able to overlook?

See destiny n my hand, no adoration, no young lady, no marriage, there is nothing in my destiny, I needed to experience torment that now I dont believe any lady. Mother says however. Shaurya says abandon it, why did come to shoot today?

She says can’t I come to meet my child? he says you are the mother of the most qualified lone ranger, you can come anyplace to meet me. Kanta and Mahek get back home. Kanta says how could you have been able to you get harmed?

She says to Mansi that they think this is joke, first they offended her and now they cut her hand, I will meet this current show’s proprietor myself.
Shaurya’s mom leaves auto, she slips on stone, Shaurya races to her as she flinches in agony, Shaurya yells on hireling to discard stone, he takes mother inside the house.