Zindagi Ki Mahek 28th September 2016 Written Updates! Ajay Had Some Misunderstanding

Zindagi Ki Mahek 28th September 2016 Written Updates! Ajay Had Some Misunderstanding :- The last night episode of the TV series Zindagi Ki Mahek begins with Kaanta thinks of Mahek’s wedding as now she is getting old. Mansi and Ravi also think the same and Ravi arrives to ask Mansi that why Kaanta is excited of the Mahek’s wedding. Is Kaanta is going to contribute money for the same?


Mansi asked Ravi how long we should care of Mahek as we are having a son too so we have to take care of him and we have to thinks of him too. Ravi asked Mansi but Mahek is our daughter. Anyway, now Ravi and Jeevan started speaking with each other as they are now thinking of Mahek’s wedding.

Mahek asked the family now come for dinner and in the dinner table, everybody have good timing with each other. Raj and Jeevan decided to fixes wedding of each other. Mahek in the night after dinner has been seen reading something.

Sonal sees her and gives her tea; apart from she also asked to Mahek that what she is doing now. Mahek asked to her that she is reading an old essay written by her about dowry. She asked to Mahek that what she want to tell via this poem and Mahek said to her that by giving dowry we actually humiliate the person and the house where we grew up from our childhood days.

Sonal feels bad for her and asked her that if Mahek is okay and Mahek asked to her that she and the family consider Ajay is an eligible bachelor for him then why they are giving dowry to Ajay’s parents’ in order to get Mahek marry to them. Sonal did not reply anything and Kaanta said that she is keen to take Mahek to have blessings from god as by which she can tie the knot with an eligible guy.

Precap: Pammi says to Kanta that we liked Mahek from the start, Ajay had some misunderstanding, but he will hold the hand of any girl I ask him to but you people have to do my one work. Mahek writes to Shaurya that I have to help someone, like cheating, my work, and her name, I don’t want to but all will be happy. Shaurya asks and her? She says maybe yes.