Mahek is unconscious! Zindagi Ki Mahek 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Mahek is unconscious! Zindagi Ki Mahek 29th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Mahek – Zindagi Ki begins with Mahek takes PD’s permission and she prepares food and Kheer for the Sonal and her groom’s family. The Kheer has been served by the Sonal’s family by considering it that Sonal prepares it and Sonal’s selection is also done on the basis of that.


Marriage’s alliances are fixes between Sonal and her Duhe Raja (Groom) for which Sonal’s mom and dad distributes Mithai (Sweets) in the whole city. Mahek Chaci’s is jealous to see that Sonal’s wedding is fixes and Mahek is still unmarried.

Balwant and Dadi refused to eat the Mithai as they are suffering from diabetes. Sonal’s father asked that these are the Mithai from market and these Mithai can’t be compare in the front of the Kheer which Mahek prepared for Sonal’s groom. Chichi is shocked to know that Mahek prepares food by going there.

Sonal’s mother also taunts to Mahek’s Chachi that she is worried for the daughters of her family are still single, she further said that Devyaani doesn’t need to be worried as she will be surely getting a job of Maharaj (Cook) as she can cooked damn good food. Chichi feels embarrass for it and she scolded Mahek by being too emotional. She said she wishes to see Mahek settle like other girls and Chachi’s these words make Mahek emotional too.

Mahek was too emotional so she arrives here in the Facebook where she sees Shaurya is online and they did chatting of life and value of the relationship. After being in the Facebook she prepares a dish for the family. She asked PD to have it but PD did not reply anything as she was busy in phone.

So Mahek tries to sleep in the bed and the entire family is also sleeping in the night after dinner to see that PD screams a loud. Mahek wake up and rushes to her with the entire family.

Precap: Mrs. Dehli competition starts. Shaurya is coming there as the chief guest. Mahek is there; she feels dizzy somehow and goes faint. Shaurya forcefully makes her eat chocolate, Mahek got conscious and both of them looked at each other.