Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates! kanta gets angry

Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates! kanta gets angry :- The last week episode of the TV series Mahek Zindagi Ki begins with Mahek arrives at the party and she became too happy to see the toys which were kept there. She just touches them and smiles.


Mrs. Chawla asked to Mahek’s Chachi that she is okay na that Mahek will help her in the kitchen. As Mrs. Chawla consider this competition to be very important for her and she is keen to win it. Mahek’s Chachi asked to her that she will win it anyway as she is taking Mahek with her.

Mahek feels nervous to perform in the completion, Shaurya asked her to have energy bar then she will be performing there good and she denied initially but then drink it to perform well in the competition.

Shaurya asked his dad that how famous Rajiv is, whenever Rajiv plan anything his hoardings and posters goes viral but Sahurya’s dad asked to him that if he will focus on his shop then his hoarding’s will be also go viral.

Rajiv is present there as the chief guest of the function and he gives lectures about the food to the participants’. Mrs. Chawla warned to Mahek that she should not reveal the fact to the audience and the panel judge team that she cooked the food, she will be saying that she helped her only.

Mahek looks tensed but she gives the nod. Rajiv had an encounter with Mahek and he asked to her that you are the same girl with whom I meet in the market but before Mahek could say anything, Mrs. Chawla started doing blah blah in front of him.

Now the cooking is done and Rajiv needs to taste each dishes to choose the winner as whose cooking will be impress Rajiv, she will win the competition.

Precap: Mrs. Chawla humiliated Mahek and Chachi became too angry.