All member are stunned! ZKM Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 6th October 2016 Written Updates

All member are stunned! ZKM Zindagi Ki Mehek/Mahek 6th October 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Zindagi Ki Mahek begins with Mahek prepares Daal fry for Shaurya but Shaurya doesn’t like it and he just humiliated Mahek for that Mahek just lashes out at Shaurya but she eventually realised that the Daal fry she prepares it was too salty.


She is now feeling too bad for Shaurya. Kaanta went in shopping with Nehal where she sees her boyfriend Ajay, now Kaanta’s shopping done and she calls Nehal. Nehal tries to come fast in between her legs get hurt and Kaanta after scolding her take her to the home.

Mahek applies medicine on the pain of Nehal also take care of her. On seeing so Nehal got emotional and she speaks with Mahek. Mahek asked to her that whatever she did it was for her bad mood and she also did something because of her bad mood.

Now Nehal asked to Mahek what happen and Mahek elaborates the incident to her. Mahek asked to Nehal that she is keen to seek an apology from Shaurya for that I need his address of the office and Nehal arranges the address of Shaurya for Mahek.

Now next day Mahek prepares Idli and she takes it for Shaurya to his office. Shaurya lashes out at a waiter in the morning consider it as why they are not making delicious food. He is now tensed to maintain the reputation of his restaurant.

When Mahek arrives there everybody just drive her out from the office of Shaurya by considering that Shaurya says that the Dhabha girl won’t be allowed here, and Mahek leaves helplessly by saying I come here to say sorry to Shaurya.

Precap: Shaurya calls Rajiv and says you are still hung over that Dhabba girl? Rajiv says that Dhabba girl made your restaurant get 5star rating; Shaurya says my cook made that desert but Rajiv said no Mahek prepares that dish.
Rajiv next day comes to the Mahek house and he praised Mahek. He also asked to Mahek that he want her to take in the cooking competition, Mahk is just thrilled to know so.