Mahek & Balwant Fight! Zindagi Ki Mahek 21st September 2016 Written Updates

Mahek & Balwant Fight! Zindagi Ki Mahek 21st September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Zindagi Ki Mahek begins with Mahek’s Chachi asked the guest that Mahek really cook awesome food but the guest said that everybody can cook food but first we need money to buy grocery. In the meantime, Mahek’s supposed to be groom arrived and he rejected the proposal of the wedding.


Chachi asked to Mahek what happen and Mahek asked to her as she reveals to him that she doesn’t work in Taj hotel, she actually works in Taj Dhabha. Chachi scolded Mahek that after your wedding would be fixed I plan to handle this but Mahek and Chacha asked to Chachi that we can’t connect any relationship especially marital relationship on the basis of fake.

Chacha now to change up the mood and asked Mahek to prepare sweet dish as India win the match and she did so. After having the sweet dish even Cahchi praised her, and Mahek go emotional, now Mahek in her room stalking at the Facebook account where she sees Karela King’s profile.

Much before that she thinks that her art of cooking will be connecting her with her dream man and when she read the Karela King’s profile she surprised to read “Good food better life” in his profile Mahek thinks he thinks exactly like me.

She message to him despite with him Mahek doesn’t share any mutual friend but till then Karela King go offline and Mahek sees he go offline. Mahek sends friend requested to him. Chacha and Chachi next morning announced that we will be go to Pammi’s house for Mahek’s proposal, Mahek is surprised now. But Balwant said that it will be difficult for us to get Mahek married.

Precap: Chachi asks Mahek if she is hurt listening Balwant’s words, Mahek says if I got married then Dad Ji will not have to see my face. People from orphanage comes to take Balwant away, Balwant threatens them to leave and asks who called them? PD says I called them and when the people try to drag Balwant Mahek tries to hold him.