Mahi gets shocked! Jamai Raja 7th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Mahi gets shocked! Jamai Raja 7th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Mahi telling Satya that she knows everything about him. Satya says Koel will come to Basti on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi. Deepu think to teach a lesson to Satya and he made an announcement in Basti that a rich girl will come to Bast. Everyone get happy as they think this girl will help them in getting themselves developed.


Jamai Raja Episode Written Updates

Gangu Tai gets happy after listening to the rich girl coming to Basti. Satya asked Kajal for more money to get dresses from the store. Gangu Tai and Sunil were talking and they asked Kajal to help the charity money. Kajal gave the charity money to Satya and asked him to return the dress after Koel will wear it, so we will return the dress and get the charity money refund.

Mahi received a message from someone asking her to visit the store if she wants to know the truth of Satya. Mahi and Koel reach store, where they saw Satya and Kajal. Satya told Kajal that he is just a Rangeela kind of people and Koel is super rich. Mahi and Koel hear him and Koel gets shattered after listening to Satya’s word.

Koel left that store. Kajal asked Mahi to return that dress as they purchased that dress from the money of charity. Satya tries to stop Koel, but she does not stop. Koel reached Basti and insulted Satya in front of everyone.

Satya asked Koel to not insult him in front of his people. Koel told everyone that Satya steals a car, and he gave a dress of Rs. 25,000 and even he stole that money. Mahi asked Koel to not do drama in front of every people but she continues. Gangu Tai get dizzy after hearing all this.

Kajal asked Satya to stop Koel from burning the dress as this dress came from the money of Chawl people. Koel says I am the chief guest here and I will do aarti. She burned the dress.


In the upcoming episode, Gangu Tai will give her necklace to Basti people. Satya will stop her but Gangu Tai will slap him and tell Satya that you have lost the right. Deepu smiles and Mahi looks shocked.