Mahindra e2o plus Electric Car Launched In India Specification Features

The Indian Vehicle Manufacturing company – Mahindra Company is back with the new Mahindra e2o plus electric car in India. India market is the big market for these product at this time regarding electronics, gadgets, cars and other stuff. The car lovers in India are very eager to buy the latest cars and up in their collection.


The Mahindra Company launches the new model with great specification and features. The price is starting from Rs 5.46 lakhs to Rs 8.46 lakh. The new car is an electric car. The customers can easily ride the vehicle and the special incentives re-offered by the government of India under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric which can be enjoyed by the customers.

Specifications of the Mahindra e2o Plus Car:

The new Mahindra e20 plus comes with the four door Version. The face of the model comes with the new grille. The latest car’s cabin space is over 150 liters. The car comes with the version of the spacious model compared to its previous models of Mahindra.

Measurements:  Length of the car has increased by 310 mm to 3590 mm along with the wheelbase increment of 300 mm at 2258 mm.


New Model With Technology Enabled: The plus model of the car features GPS-enabled navigation system along with the on board computer that gives instructions about the car’s driving range. The touch screen monitor plays around allowing to use and touch it easily. The same can be technologised and activated through a touch button or by using the connectivity of the smartphone. The advanced feature allows the smartphone to switch on/off the car’s AC and also allows the users to lock/unlock the car.

Electric Battery: The Mahindra e20 Plus electric car also comes with the SOS features that can be carried with an additional range of 7-10 km battery power dips bellows 10 %.   The charging of the car takes about 9 hours of the time and the power is always in the boosting mode. So, walk to the showroom of Mahindra nearby you and grab the offered price and book your car this festive season.

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