Bihar’s Topper Ruby Rai says Told Papa to Get Me Passed But They Made Me Top

Bihar’s popular arts stream Class 12 topper Ruby Rai is the present that keeps on giving. After the story covered about her one-line essay on Hindu saint Tulsidas, here’s other one – her explanation for the whole disaster.


She said, “Maine to Papa se kaha tha pass karwa dijiye, unhone one to top hi karwa diya.”

Ruby has put an answer to her interrogators that she nevermore desired to top the exams. Rather, she desired to just pass, and had urged her dad to settle for sufficient marks to make that result, “Maine to Papa se kaha tha pass karwa dijiye, unhone ne to top hi karwa diya.” (I had only urged my father to get me passed but he went ahead and made me topper)

She had earlier told that she is simply a girl for ‘dehaat’ and like Jon Snow she understands anything!

Not only could not she failed to clear her re-examination’s fundamental questions, but Ruby couldn’t even utter “Political Science”, the video of which triggered this blunder into what is interpreting as a complex scam including the students and college management.

Manu Maharaj, the Patna particular SP who is overseeing the Special Investigation Team (SIT) into the scam revealed: “Rubi was very straightforward to accept after the incident that she is not eligible to top the exams.”

“She had foreseen second division at greatest. She now accuses her guardians and Vishnu Roy College principal, Bachcha Rai, for ensuring her as a topper.” Ruby’s explanations while a TV conference after she was listed the topper it exposed the toppers scam in Bihar.

Meanwhile, other toppers, fortunately, passed their re-examination, in a manner including a 14-member panel of experts who examined all toppers separately.

The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has canceled of its association to Ruby’s school, the Vishnu Roy (VR) College at Bhagwanpur in Vaishali district.

Bihar is no newcomer to size exam-cheating. A couple of years ago a video of progenitors and colleagues climbing school barriers to pass on cheat-chits to students who were writing the exams had disclosed the amount of cheating resulting in exams in the state.