Major Twist! Humko Tumse ho gaya hai pyaar kya Karen 7th June 2016 Written Updates


Major Twist! Humko Tumse ho gaya hai pyaar kya Karen 7th June 2016 Written Updates :- As soon as camera rolls, you’ll find crowd of people ‘the audience’ cheering the player (Anokhi). In the meanwhile host’s says that Anokhi is just two questions away from her jackpot. He throws his first question, Dr. Lakhani who is a travel agent by profession is out for a vacation with a doctor girl. His vacation is supposed to be for duration of seven days. How can he keep the girl away from Lakhani. Anokhi replies saying that Arora shall give girl seven apple, one for each day as an apple a day keeps doctor away. Host congratulates her for the right answer and shoots his second question.

Humko Tumse ho gaya hai pyaar kya Karen Episode Written Updates

Humko Tumse ho gaya hai pyaar kya Karen Episode Written Updates

He asks, ‘Alia Bhatt invented zero in which century?’. To this question she gets confused in starting but at the last moment she replies saying that it was Arya Bhatt and not Alia Bhatt. Upon giving the right answer, host again congratulates her for winning the jackpot and the entire studio is filled with claps of audience and applauds.

As  a prize she receives a new car and a package fill with holiday tickets and precious gifts. By the time she hugs her parents, her mom wakes her.

Scene 2

It Anokhi’s house and the arrangements are going for wedding. She tries sharing her dream with her mom but her mom asks her to get ready for his brother’s wedding. She is also anxiously looking for her dad but in the meanwhile listens him exclaiming, ‘I’m here’. Looking at her angry expression he talks to the halwai (cook) who is close to him busy in own work, ‘I call my wife Phulan Devi despite her name is Vrinda’.

In the mean time Anokhi shares the dream with her mom while his dad is now looking for Shashi. His wife asks him to look for him in his room. Upon finding Shashi she asks him about Anokhi’s lehenga, Anokhi likes her gift but it turned to be small, to which she says to Shashi that he has brought a mini skirt instead of Lehenga.

Scene 3

We can see Anokhi trying Lehenga at Prayanka’s boutique. She asks salesman to show her nice ones. She eventually likes one. In the parallel screen we can see dadu checking his accounts along with dadi. He buys his medicines. He is angry over the bad account management and also hilariously says that she can’t manage the things because of her week vision. She reads 20000 as 2000 upon finding that the Lehenga s so costly they get muddled while salesman shouts at them asking t hem to leave if they don’t have the money. They tell the salesman that they can’t pay cash but they do have card, he asks for same. But her mom gets puzzled as she lied to salesman save her image and she only has 1300 in her account. In the meanwhile a phone rings and at shop’s reception and the salesman goes to attends it. Anokhi hurries and removes a zero button and leaves the place after writing wrong address.

Scene 4

Dadu’s son is sitting thinking about his good old school days. He is busy thinking about his maid who used to serve him palak chat with his own hands upon which the dadu used to get angry.

Scene 5

Anokhi’s mom is doing his Jewellery shopping while she is busy taking her selfies. In the meantime she notices a man committing suicide. The man is none other than dadu’s son, Anokhi runs to save him but her mom stops her. Anokhi is resisting and shouting for help. During the entire hustle Anokhi and he fall on each other. She asks him reason behind committing suicide but the guy says that he wasn’t committing suicide instead was picking up a fallen coin.

Anokhi apologies for but guy remain rude. Seeing this, both of them leave annoyed.


Camera focuses on Anokhi dancing in wedding procession and strikes against a lady. Due to this the lady’s ring fell on ground. She tries to help her by picking but the lady instead of thanking blames her for stealing the ring.