Major Twist! KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 25th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Major Twist! KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 25th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Rishi discloses his relationships with the Goddess, Rishi comes to Tannu, Sandy takes his firearm and escape. Rishi awakens Tannu to go to the healing facility.

Kasam 25nd July 2016 Written Episode

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode Written Updates

Tannu says she has very little time left, he should address her. Tannu says when he said she will cook and he will evacuate her hair, too bad as she won’t have the capacity to cook.

Rishi requests that she get up, they will go to doctor’s facility. Tannu requests that he let her discussion, she needed to invest energy with him yet her desires have broken.

She guaranteed to spare him from each issue, she satisfied it. She was breathing intensely. Rishi demands nothing will transpire. Tannu lets him know that she is here.

she won’t go anyplace. She guarantees to be here dependably for him, as they are associated through souls. Her eyes are shut, hands discharged free from Rishi’s hands.

Rishi was stunned, he tries to wake her up, then cries yelling her name out loud then cries holding her.

In the auto, Sandy calls Neha and says Tannu divided and was shot rather than Rishi. Neha grins acknowledging Sandy. Raaj and family arrive merrily.

They were stunned viewing Tannu, while Rishi sat lost. They come to Rishi and grieve over Tannu’s body. Rishi wakes up and says Sandy came, blamed him for duping Neha. Tannu came in the middle.

Neha brings her marriage dress saying Rishi left her in a stage, his dad reviled her. Today, that Raaj will weep for his young grieving child. He shot three in one.

There is a thump at a window, it was Sandy. She helps him inside. He watches the marriage dress and approaches if it’s for their wedding. He guarantees Neha that he adores her beyond a reasonable doubt.

Neha tells Sandy he did okay, Rishi and Tannu had an unsanctioned romance, yet Tannu didn’t side her. Sandy puts the sindoor in Neha’s mind segment, Bani watches this. Sandy tells Bani Rishi attacked Neha.

he ran behind Rishi with a weapon yet Tannu came in the middle of and was shot. Bani was stunned in dismay. There was a thump at the entryway, Bani says Rishi must be here and will slaughter him.

She proposes Sandy to flee, he wasn’t prepared to allow Neha to sit unbothered. He says he as of now informed Rishi everything concerning her, he prevents Neha to kill her or himself in the event that she doesn’t run with him today. Neha consents to flee with him.

Bani opens the entryway, it was Raaj and Rano with police. They get some information about Sandy, the controller gets in and requests to glance around for the house.

Bani denies thinking about any Sandy. Rano inquires as to whether she ought to advise her, Sandy is the significant other of Neha. He met Rishi and Manpreet in Amritsar, yet they didn’t think about Neha.

She cries over their disdain. Guljeet sends Swati inside to bring water, Raaj says when they discover Sandy and Neha they will get their baggage.

From today onwards, every one of their relations with them has finished. The auditor sends his group to search for them outside. Raaj says Bani and Neha won’t be excused for what they did, they slaughtered Rishi alongside Tannu.