Malaysia offers to partner 2BHK housing scheme with Telangana govt

Malaysia offers to partner 2BHK housing scheme with Telangana govt :- Malaysia has essayed to connect with the Telangana State Portal Government department in its major plan. Which is the planning of the 2BHK housing system.



According to the Indian Information Technology minister K.T. Rama Rao, who is on a tour to the country and then the IT minister K.T. Pama are met to the Malaysian minister Samy Vellu in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday and well-founded him regarding the 2BHK housing project.

Then the Malaysia’s minister are asking to continue in performing the project. The Mr. Rao prompted the Malaysian state to move around and hit the large opportunities achievable in Telangana State Portal Government in the department of Information Technology.

From the reports, The electronics, producing vehicles and additional sectors. Mr. Rao requested to the Mr. Vellu to Telangana State Portal Government to establish MoUs in areas where the two parties can work combined.

2BHK Housing Programme in GHMC: The major project between these two government which is 2BHK Housing Programme in GHMC.

He said the Malaysian minister regarding the government contrivance to build 2.60 lakh 2BHK houses for the seized this year, whatever 1 lakh would be constructed in Hyderabad only. Mr. Rao said the TS administration was excited to link with worldwide industry to build 2BHK houses at cheap rates.

He further engages with the Mohd Salim Bin Fateh Din, director of MRCB, a Malaysian state reports firm and made the MRCB look into the possibility of fixing up inter-city bus terminals (ICBTs) in Hyderabad plus a state-of-the-art global conference station. Mr. Rao is prepared to reach Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak after on Thursday.

Malaysia excited for the partnership in the 2BHK houses project :

KTR further provided in the ASEAN-India Business Council conference on Thursday evening. The Minister explained the power of the Telangana State had sector-wise and some of the personal aspects of its strategy directed at bringing profits in production, services, IT, sciences and medicine divisions.

This would share the responsibility of allocation demands under India, he said. Besides, KTR said that Telangana State would provide all advice and help to support for establishing mutual adventures with Indian organizations.

He also said that a gateway would be established soon filing escape all feasible SMEs who were watching for mutual investment partners. “The connection of this gateway shall be provided to all the control over modern.

Now High Commissions and Indian Embassies said it. KTR said that Telangana too has ‘TASK’ on related families. KLRCA (Regional Centre for Arbitration) wherever adjudication can be used on global agreement organizations is also started.