Malviya Nagar fire not doused: Delhi officials seek IAF’s help after 80 fire tenders fail to put out ‘highest category’ blaze

Malviya Nagar fire not doused: Delhi officials seek IAF’s help after 80 fire tenders fail to put out ‘highest category’ blaze: In New Delhi on Tuesday, a major fire broke out in a rubber factory, post a truck caught fire in the city’s Malviya Nagar. About 80 fire tenders have been sent to douse the blaze which is as per reports now still raging.

The fire has still not been doused, ANI reported around 8 am on Wednesday. A video display that the Indian Air Force’s MI 17 helicopter which was deployed for Bambi bucket operations.

A Bambi Bucket is very important to maintain a perfect collapsible bucket utilizing a pilot control valve that can deliver a concentrated column of water from the helicopter to the fire.

This development of Bambi bucket has been a breakthrough development post a feedback from helicopter operators and Forest and Land Management agencies come.

No casualties have been reported in the blaze and a fire official told IANS that a call to report the fire was received at 4.57 pm where nearly around 30 tenders were initially rushed to the spot.

“There have been no reports of any casualties far,” he said, adding that the reason for the fire was yet to be determined.

The chief fire officer of the Delhi fire services, Atul Garg, fell unconscious for the duration of the firefighting operations, and as per the Hindustan Times reported. “This fire was of the highest magnitude so far in this season. The fire started from a truck and spread to a godown of rubber and plastic raw material where the vehicle was parked. The godown is right behind Sant Nirankari Public School and had it occurred in the afternoon, evacuation of children would have been challenging as the area is congested,” Garg said.

The fire also engulfed parts of a school building and a gymnasium, fire officials stated which add the plastic and raw materials stored at the factory fuelled the blaze.

Somnath Bharti, the Aam Aadmi Party legislator, also visited the spot, the report added further.

Buildings around the godown have been empty and the area was cordoned off, anyway. Fire engines, reaching the spot were difficult, as the lanes in the area are very narrow and congested, officials reportedly said. One firefighter has been injured at the period of operation too.

It has been over 15 hours after the fire broke out but firefighters are still struggling to contain the flames. Authorities have sought the Indian Air Force’s help to quench the fire and evacuate the area also.

A thick plume of smoke billowing out of the rubber godown that can be brightly seen from kilometers away in southeast Delhi reports added further.