Mamta Kulkarni Named As The Mastermind Behind India’s Biggest Drug Racket

Mamta Kulkarni Named As The Mastermind Behind India’s Biggest Drug Racket! The biggest report for those who’s fan’s of the 90’s superhit film actress. It’s Mamta Kulkarni who’s arrested by the thane police. The Mamta Kulkarni are confirmed that she is the mastermind for the India’s huge drug racket .

Police name Mamta Kulkarni named as the mastermind behind India’s biggest drug racket

According to the source, Mamta Kulkarni has not justified that crime, which is surging by the repot’s. she’s is totally involve in the drugs racket, and also her husband Vicky Goswami involved in the drug supply in the India. The Indian actress Mamta Kulkarni and his husband living in the Dubai from late 90’s and starting the drug’s racket. where U.S. police also getting a narcotic operation for the catch that drug racket’s whose supply in the different countries.

Mamta lost her all respect who’s earn by the Bollywood fame,image because she’s confirmed banned by police in the drug’s racket as a drug MAFIA. there all ten people are currently arrested but behind that mastermind Mamta Kulkarni.

Mamta was the glamor actress of the Bollywood which is working with the Saif Ali Khan in the blockbuster film Aashiq Awara , and Salman Khan in film Karan Arjun and also Krantiveer, and Sabse Bada Khiladi. so It creates a decent value but now all round everyone is shocked with that new’s ,

After these sham and cheap activities by Mamta, the whole Bollywood are getting scanned by police with the high tone. But after confirmation Mamta Kulkarni will suffer for the lo6t’s of trouble and also she’s declared as an international criminal also his husband .

It’s gonna something interesting when there lot’s of controversy with the drugs addicted characters in film Udta Punjab and this week also she explores with the real drugs Mafia.