Man attacked woman repeatedly with sword in Temple in Karnataka

Kolar: On Sunday night, a woman was brutally attacked repeatedly with a sword by a man at a temple in Karnataka. He suddenly attacked on her with a sword on the neck at backside. Then he hit more and more. As per the report that the video of the incident shows a man attacking the woman, Kumari who is the administrator of Kotilingeshwari temple in Kolar, with a sword about a dozen times before he is restrained. The woman survived, suffering a head wound and deep cuts to her arm.


Local Police said that the attacker is 24-year-old – Santhosh, an engineer who lives in the same village as Kumari.

In the CCTV video, Santosh was seen attacking Kumari from the back while she was standing in a corridor. Santosh has been arrested. Police said that he made the attack because of an old dispute between his family and that of the woman.

Watch the video. It may disturb you.