Man killed his live-in partner in northeast Delhi’s Usmanpur

Man killed his live-in partner in northeast Delhi’s Usmanpur: On Saturday, Delhi Police arrested a 32 year old man who apparently killed his live-in partner in northeast Delhi’s Usmanpur. The man was basically a carpenter in profession and he was caught when he was trying to bury her body at a village in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh that is about 160 km far from Delhi.

As per the police department, the carpenter was an inhabitant of a village in Bijnor and was married to his wife but did not live with his wife and three year old daughter together.

The suspect told the police that his 28 year old live-in partner was too married. Though, she was supposedly forcing the man into marrying him, resulting to which they repeatedly had heated fights. Arguments also used to breakdown among the man’s wife, who has been lived in the same area and his live-in partner, over the matter that who would live with the man in his house.

As per the police, after one such quarrel in the middle of the two women, the man supported his wife, because of which he and the live-in partner had a heated fight.

Police official said, “Later that night, on January 22, another argument between the man and the live-in partner turned ugly, and he strangled her to death”.

Another Police official said, “He then wrapped her body in a cloth and planned to dispose it off by dumping it in a drain. However, seeing heavy security deployment in the capital because of Republic Day, he could not execute the plan”.

The very next day after killing the live-in partner, he then rented a car and drove 160 km to his village, Khatriyan, in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. Police have not recovered his car and are yet to recover it. When he was trying to bury the woman’s body in the village, then the residents of the village spotted him doing so and they immediately informed the local police. After reaching on the crime spot, Uttar Pradesh Police then took the women’s body in their custody and brings the man to the police custody.

Police officials interrogated the man and the man then confessed that he killed his live-in partner over an argument. After his confession UP Police then informed their Delhi corresponding team on 24th January 2019. A Delhi Police team was hurried to Bijnor and the man was arrested.

Atul Thakur, who is the Deputy Commissioner of police (northeast), said that the local police of Bijnor interrogated the man and informed them about the case.

He said,“We sent a team to Bijnor on Thursday and the accused was brought to Delhi on Saturday”.

The DCP also said that they questioned the man and he admitted to murder his live-in partner in the course of interrogation. Police, on the other hand, are so far to recover the car he used to carry the woman’s body.

Police said that the husband of the live-in partner, who lives in Brahmapuri, was also informed about her death. In further investigation, the Police found that women run away from her husband’s house last year in the month of July, after which his husband had filed a missing complaint in local police station. Police said that after she ran away from her husband’s house, she then started living with the accused man, and did not come back to her in-law’s house after that.