Man Shot Dead Near Jama Masjid, Delhi: Shot 30-year-old After An Argument

A horrifying incident has been reported from an area close to Jama Masjid where a man has been shot dead. The murdered man has been identified as Mohammad Sameer. The scary incident happened near the Ya-Rub-Chala De Hotel. This incident horrified the people as the victim was running his kabab shop there for the past few times. It has been reported that a group of men came with their faces covered and confronted Mohammad Sameer and one of his partners Raju. One of the assailants pulled out his pistol and shot Sameer. Here we are providing you with the entire information of the recent shooting that occurred in the capital and took over a young man’s life. Be with us.

Man Shot Dead Near Jama Masjid

Man Shot Dead Near Jama Masjid

It has been reported that police received a call of firing at around 1.40 am. Police on reaching the spot of the incident found the victim in critical condition with a bullet injury on his head. The police rushed the victim to the hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead. The assailants escaped after the incident by firing in the air which created terror and the people remained away from the site of the incident. The police have informed us that the incident happened near a hotel Ya-Rub-Chala De. This hotel belongs to the brother-in-law of the victim.

Man Shot Dead Near Jama Masjid delhi

One of the relatives of victim Mohammad Sameer, named Mohammad Kasim told the police that Raju and Sameer were running a business of Kebab eatery in partnership. When the group of assailants came there, they dragged Raju outside the eatery. Saneer intervened to save Raju. As these people were with covered faces and with rods and hockey sticks in their hands, the nearby people were away and all the incident happened in no time before anyone could understand the matter. One of the assailants pulled out a pistol and shot him in the head.

The incident shocked the people there. Sameer lived in the Chitla Gate area of Chawari Bazar. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. The police have registered a case of murder. The investigation has been initiated under appropriate sections. The police are interrogating the people in the nearby area. According to the witnesses, the assailants fired in the sky to keep the bystanders away so nobody tried to intervene in the conflict. Police are also questioning from wife to find out any clues about the killers. Further information is awaited. Stay tuned.

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