Man Upload intimate videos with Ex-GF on Adult Site to take Revenge

Man Upload intimate videos with Ex-GF on Adult Site to take Revenge : Shocked! A Man uploads intimate videos with the ex-girlfriend on porn sites as revenge in the Hyderabad. that is the ridiculous report and it’s concluded because of they are the unusual absence of the awareness.

The teenagers don’t allow for her man to producing the intimate videos. whenever someone is doing with that suddenly quit him to not producing these intimates video to produce the difficulty in future for any revenge.

Hyderabad Man uploads intimate videos with ex-girlfriend on porn sites as revenge

According to the report’s, The recent couple was classmates at an engineering university. They had faced in university, come in love, and had picked to get married. However, the victim following broke the connection off and married somebody other.

Where in a surprising conflict an engineering student was jailed for uploading his private videos with his ex-girlfriend on a live pornography website, under the plan to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend.

The guy was captured by the Cyberabad police and recommended by the SHE Teams on Saturday night. A 27-year-old B Rupesh was captured and arrested for harassing his ex-partner with claim intimate videos of the pair engaging in sexual interchange.

He had performed to the size of sending CDs of videos to the woman’s in-laws, in line to make difficulty in her wedded life.

From the statement, the pair was classmates in an engineering university and both hailstorm from the hail of Tadepalli in Guntur area. They had engaged in college, happened in love, and had chosen to become coupled.

Simply following numerous results with Rupesh due to his way, the girl reported the relationship off and chose to get married to somebody other. Following, she married a software company and settled down with the different person, which got Rupesh violent.

Later the victim’s wedding, Rupesh started teasing her and in violence uploaded their intimate videos on a pornography website. He further reportedly sent CDs of the videos to her in-laws family.
She associate commissioner of police Srinivas said, ”On reading the columns, the victim’s parents requested SHE Teams and the problem was given to the Cyber Crime, who in turn caught Rupesh four days before.” He was jailed, although was freed on bail and instructed, in front of his Father. The videos have now been erased from the website.