Mandana Kicks Kishwar Bigg Boss 9 11th November 2015 Episode Highway Task Result

Mandana Kicks Kishwar Bigg Boss 9 11th November 2015 Episode Highway Task Result : In the tonight episode of the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 9’, ugly spat yet to take place in which every housemates will be breaking their loose it will be includes Prince, Kishwer, Puneet, Mandana, Aman, Suyyash and other housemates will be getting into ugly spats during their luxury budget task ‘Highway’.

Mandana Kicks Kishwar Bigg Boss 9 11th November 2015 Episode Highway Task Result

Bigg Boss 9 11th Nov 2015 Episode Written Updates

Everybody woke up in cheer mood in the house with the motivated song ‘Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke’, but eventually Rishabh tells Digangana not to consider anyone as her friend in the house and also Rishabh warns her to be miss goody. On the breakfast table, everyone is seen teasing Digangana for having a soft corner for Rishabh and also fondly name their Jodi as ‘Degree (Digri)’. Though Digangana denies having any sort of feelings for Rishabh, but she was seen smiling.

Afterward the inmates of the ‘Bigg Bos’ house get ready with their Luxury Budget Task ‘Highway’. For the task the house got divides into two groups- ‘Team A’ consisting of Mandana, Rochelle, Digangana, Aman and Rishabh while ‘Team B’ has Kishwer, Suyyash, Prince, Rimi and Puneet.

According to the task, when one team is sitting on the cycle rickshaw and peddling through 4 cities, now the other team has to put and use their own efforts to get out the opposite team members off the cycle rickshaw. After reaching a destination, both the teams have to compete with each other for another task and then resume cycling. Then also the winning team will be getting chance to drive one participant out from the loosing team.

Last night we saw that ‘Team B’ performed very well and they also reached in the Kochi successfully but after going there ‘Team B’ loosed from ‘Team A’ under which ‘Team A’ need to eliminated a player from ‘Team B’ and they choose to eliminated Prince.

Afterward, Puneet got looses from the task as he went to the bathroom and while buzzer was on. So, ‘Team A’ and ‘Team B’ both are angry on each other and now ‘Team A’ is leading.

In the tonight episode of ‘Bigg Boss 9’ worst fight will be take place in which reportedly, Mandana will be kicking in Kishwar’s stomach and eventually, Kishwar fight a lot.

She became very angry and breakdowns in the ‘Confession Room’ and also Kishwar demanded from ‘Bigg Boss’ that she should leave the show or Mandana should be drive out from the show.

Kishwar will be also throwing her mike and she will be arguing with ‘Bigg Boss’. Obviously, her boy-friend Suyyash will be supporting her.

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