Mangochi Police Officer Peter Juma Stabbed To Death By Andrew Sawabu, Arrested Charges

Mangochi Police Officer Peter Juma Stabbed To Death By Andrew Sawabu, Arrested Charges:- We are here to announce that police recently have made a development in the stabbing case of a police officer who was known as Peter Juma. It has been a couple of months since police officer Peter Juma was stabbed but detectives had not made any arrest. But now, it is being reported that the prime suspect in Peter Juma’s stabbing case has been taken into custody. Police are interrogating the suspect. But what is the name of the suspect? Is there any report regarding the identity of the suspect? There are several questions that are being asked by the people. We have discussed all the important points of this news in the further sections of this article. Be sticky with this page and keep reading this article for more details. Drag down.

Mangochi Police Officer Peter Juma Stabbed To Death By Andrew Sawabu Arrested

Mangochi Police Officer Peter Juma Stabbed To Death

Yes, police have revealed the identity of the suspect. According to the reports, Andrew Sawabu is the prime suspect in this case. A number of felony charges have been levied on Andrew Sawabu for allegedly stabbing police officer Peter Juma on 26th July 2022. What was the victim’s age? Reportedly, police officer Peter Juma passed away at the age of 30. And the suspect, Andrew Sawabu is said to be of 34 years of age. Kindly shift to the next section and read more details about this news.

Suspect Andrew Sawabu Arrested

The current reports are claiming that the suspect is detained in Mangochi District by the police. Reportedly, the stabbing incident took place at Mogas Lodge. Let’s talk about the suspect in detail. Andrew Sawabu is a fugitive and he resides in Saiti Kadzuwa village of Mangochi Traditional Authority Mponda. Police arrested him as he was allegedly driving an unregistered 7-ton lorry, heading to Maldeco from Mangochi Boma.

But he lost control of the vehicle when he got to Mogas Lodge. Furthermore, he veered to the wrong side and ran into Peter Juma who was walking in the same direction. Police reports claimed that Peter Juma passed away while in hospice care at Manhochi District Hospital. Peter died of injuries when Andrew Sawabu abandoned him there. Peter sustained life-threatening brain injuries.

Nevertheless, the suspect, Andrew Sawabu sold his car and left the place. But the night patrol team arrested him on November 6, 2022, at Soko Trading Centre after getting a tip from locals. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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