Manila Bus Travel: Guide & Tips for Travelling Manila

Cubao Five Star Terminal: The Cubao Five Star Bus Terminal is located outside of Manila in Quezon City. The Five Star bus company is the largest bus company in the Philippines. It was started by Metro Manila in 1983 and has since grown into a large company. They transport travelers and residents all across the Philippines. The Cubao Five Star Terminal is one of Five Star’s largest terminals that can hold up to three busses. The only way to get from Five Star Cubao to Cabanatuan station is their one bus route. While this may seem inconvenient, they have taken many measures to ensure that your trip is as comfortable as possible.

Bus Fare Classes

There are four different bus fare classes that you can choose from when you order your tickets. The first is the ordinary fare which has the most cramped seating with 3 seats to a row and two sections per row. This bus can hold between 61 and 66 passengers so you can imagine how cramped it will be. The next fare is Regular Air Conditioned. This fare has a seating pattern of two passengers to a row with two sections per row. This bus can hold 49 to 53 passengers. The Deluxe class is the next type of fare. This bus also holds two passengers per row with two rows per section but it only carries 45 passengers. In addition, it has a restroom available. The final fare type is the Super Deluxe Class. This bus has 2 passengers per row and only one row per section. It has the most room and comfort with only 28 passengers and a restroom available.

Traveling Between the Cities

Once you have decided on the type of bus you want to take, it is time to book your trip. It is advised that you purchase your ticket a day in advance to ensure that you secure your seat on the bus. The trip from Five Star Cubao to Cabanatuan will take you about five hours and the bus runs two trips per day that you can choose from. The trip is about 250 km by bus.

Some other things to think about during your bus travel is how much room you will have on the bus and what you should bring. If you are traveling on one of the more luxurious busses, you will have more room to spread out and relax, and water and a light snack may be provided. If you are traveling with one of the more economical busses, you will have less room and may need to bring a snack. In addition, these busses do not have a restroom on board, but they do make stops to give you the opportunity to use one.

When you are ready to book your ticket for your trip from Five Star Cubao to Cabanatuan, there are many places you can purchase one. If you like to purchase your tickets online there are many different price comparison websites that you can find tickets from Five Star Cubao to Cabanatuan.