Manjulika enters rajbeer marrige! Kawach 19th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Manjulika enters rajbeer marrige! Kawach 19th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the horror TV series Kawach it has been shown that Pari is sleeping in the evening time in her room. All of sudden Saroj enters in her room, and she bring milk for Pari and due to Pari is sleeping, Saroj kept the glass of milk on the table.

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Suddenly Saroj shocked to see that there is a Ghungroo on table and she try to think the scene in which Manjulika wearing the same Ghunghroo. Somehow Saroj compel to act like Monjulika and she try to wear the same Ghungroo.
Now Kammo Dadi is passing by the room sees Saroj and Dadi asked question to Saroj why she is behave like that.

Now Dadi realised the matter when she sees the Ghunghroo. Now Dadi recalls that actually the Ghungroo is belongs to Manjulika, and now Dadi takes the Ghungroo and try to burn it by going in the kitchen.

But when Dadi was all set to burn the same, all of sudden a mysterious woman come up out in order to take the Ghungroo and she also switched off the gas. Now Dadi gets scared and she thinks that she was always feared that Manjulika should not come and now she come.

Now when Dadi realised there is Manjulika’s presence, she realised the family need to go to Hanuman Mandir for this reason. On the other hand Manjulika’s mom heard it and says to Manjulika that they are all going to Mandir and today you need to attack them as today is Amavasya and you need to stop them anyhow.

Now Pari with Rajbeer and family go towards the Mandir. Manjulika stops them by blocking street with stones, they did not get any answer of it and eventually now Rajbeer catches’ the glimpses of Manjulika to became crazy for her.
Now Rajbeer started behaving badly with Pari, he even insults Pari when Pari catches Rajbeer with Manjulika. Now Pari is shocked to know that the back magic is applied on the Rajbeer and with some suggestion she follow Rajbeer.

As every night Rajbeer go somewhere in the midnight and this night Manjulika follow him to see that he go to an old haunted mansion where she has an encounter with Manjulika.

Manjulika challenged to Pari that she wants to have Rajbeer and she is going to have him, Manjulika can’t do anything against it as Manjulika claimed herself a powerful witch, Pari is stunned and shocked to know so.