Manjulika kills Vishal! Kawach 23rd July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

The episode starts Pari is searching Raj and she found him stuck in the fire. Once she thought that it was a plan plotted by Manjulika and Saudamini but she goes on. Soon Manjulika’s soul enters Pari’s body and Raj also gain his consciousness. He tells Pari about the incident happened with him on the way. Saudamini laughs. The engagement ceremony starts and everybody is waiting for Raj and Pari.

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Soon they reach the ceremony takes place. Omkar introduces to himself to Saroj. Saudamini in Saroj’s body talks with Manjulika in Pari’s body about their plotting of plan. Vishal’s father was also on her enemy list and she is planning to revenge him. Hira and Bhairavnath reach to the party and plans to capture both spirits.

They enter from backyard and Saroj saw them entering. Hira points Paridhi and says she has protection cover so that Manjulika cannot enter her body and plans to save Paridhi. While Saudamini plots a plan to kill Bhairavnath.

Hira and Bhairavnath went to Paridhi. He asks Manjulika to leave Pari’s body and he starts doing his practice. Saudamini senses her and she is in trouble asking her for help. He asks Manjulika to leave and soon captures her soul in the bottle. Saudamini executes her plan. Bhairavnath and Hira continue their practice.

They soon capture both of them in the bottles. Raj reaches the place soon and scolds them. He asks them not to come back ever. A hail hits them and he left the bottles that cause the spirits to escape.

Both of them kills him and buries him in a grave. Hira is astounded with some unnatural powers and Bhairavnath’s soul appears who says only Pardhi can save Bundela family and defeat those evil spirits.

Raj is worried for Paridhi and She also gains her consciousness. She thinks if he knows about Manjulika and Saudamini. She thinks to start her new life with him.


Saudamini kills Vishal.

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