Manjulika & Rajbeer get romantic! Kawach 25th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Manjulika & Rajbeer get romantic! Kawach 25th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Kawach started with Pari is sleeping in the evening in her room and somehow she feels something weird with Rajbeer. To find out the reality she woken up now and meet with a strange woman. Now Pari is shocked to know that her soon to be groom Rajbeer’s body has been taken over by a Dayaan (Witch) called Manjulika and Manjulika is there to snatch Rajbeer from her.

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Kawach Episode Written Updates

Now Rajbeer tells his mom that he does not love Pari and doesn’t want to marry her, he also shouted that why Pari come between him and his girl friend. Pari listen all the conversations and she break her marriage with him and leaved.

Now Rajbeer introduced Manjulika to his mom and Manjulika arrives there in the bridal dress, but somehow the dog started barking seeing her and when the lady eunuch arrive there they said that there is something weird about Manjulika. Somehow Rajbeer convince his mom to give nod for the wedding of him with Manjulika.

Now Pari get to know that during marriage Manjulika is keep chanting the Mantras of the black magic and her mom who is a Pret Aaatma (Ghost Soul) is helping her and now Pari get to know that she need to run to jungle to know the truth and she did so.

Now after coming back from the jungle now Pari appear in front of Manjulika, Manjulika is scared to see her and now Pari put something to her in which she died now and after the death of Manjulika, now Rajbeer get conscious and he says what these all and how he came here as there the Havan Kund and Havan Samagree were spread.

Rajbeer was feeling physically weak and he shocked to find himself in the jungle, Pari says nothing and now we need to rush to home and Pari asked him to come in home with her. Now everything is fine and Pari is now got married to Rajbeer but Pari is always feeling something scary in the house.

And now on their wedding night she had an encounter with Manjulika, Pari asked her to go unless she will be calling the family but now Manjulika says to Pari that she is now an evil spirit, nobody can see her except herself.

Pari is shocked and now Manjulika says to Pari that she will be possessed her body in order to do romance with Rajbeer and now when Rajbeer come in the home, Manjulika did romance with Rajbeer.

Pari pledge to Manjulika to leave her but all goes in vain as Manjulika announced that now she will be never leaving the Pari’s body and the family also feels something weird in the house.