Mansi kill Gopi! Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 5th September 2016 Epsiode Written Update

Mansi kill Gopi! Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 5th September 2016 Epsiode Written Update : The last night episode of the TV series “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” begins with Jigar Confronts Paridhi and Paridhi blames Kokila for ruining Gopi’s life. Jaggi tries to make the Modis realise their mistake. He also asked the Modi family that real family is the family who stands for each other when they need each other.


Saath Nibhana Sathiya Episode Written Updates

Kokila informs Meera and Vidya about Jaggi. Later, Jigar confronts Paridhi for misbehaving with Kokila. Dr. Krishna arrives with police and doctor in order to take Gopi to the mental asylum but in the nick of time Jaggi arrives and he asked to the police and the doctor that he is real Ahem Modi.

Dr. Krishna yells by saying he is not Ahem Modi he is his duplicate but somehow Jaggi just proved himself that he is the real Ahem Modi. The police also announced that when Ahem Modi is here and he is the first husband of Gopi then how we can take Gopi with us as her husband doesn’t want that.

Police also asked Dr. Krishna that he did something illegal for being married to already a married woman and the police also make him remind that he is also married. Dr. Krishna is having no other choice so he thinks to leave and he leaves.

Jigar scolded to Jigar by calling him a Gunda (goon) and also lashes at him. Jaggi now reveals to him how Dr. Krishna wishes to ruin Gopi’s life by sending him to the mental asylum. Jigar is having teary after knowing the truth.

Meera and Vidya shocked to know that he is not their dad he is a look-alike of Ahem, Jaggi. Meera and Vidya got teary eyes and Jaggi became the good friend to the Vidya’s kids. He now runs to play with the kids and also has some quality time with them.

Dharam invites everybody for the wedding of Naiya and he is super excited and happy for Naiya’s wedding. Gopi and Kokila asked Meera and Vidya if they will be together nothing can neither harm her nor can anything break them. The sisters also said that they are always with the Modi family, Gopi and Kokila to support them.

Jigar scolded Paridhi as she misbehaves with Kokila and he also asked to her that how Gopi Bhabhi bear such huge tortures. About it, Paridhi asked to Jigar that if you are anxious for Gopi Di then why you did not reveal the truth to him that you kept all your proprieties in mortgaged. Jaigar looked on.