Marathi Pinjara Movie 1st Opening Day Box Office Collection Earning Report

Marathi Pinjara Movie 1st Opening Day Box Office Collection Earning Report : The latest movie which spread its power on all over the movie industry, Pinjara Movie is the old movie which is get re-released in color and in better sound quality on box office collection people also gives good and nice reviews to this movie on cinema halls and people also gives a fabulous response to this movie.

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In this movie you will see a lot of thing like this movie is plot on a spiritual dancer which earns her popularity and some money through her dance. People also talks about this movie alot and gives a outstanding reviews and rating to this movie.

Pinjara Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection

Pinjra  is a 1972 Marathi film, directed by V. Shantaram and in this movie you will saw Shriram Lagoo and Sandhya in the lead roles. Now this movie, V Shantaram worked better in black and white, and went overboard with a colour palette.

The story plot of this movie is like Actress Sandhya, known for her dancing prowess. It was also the film debut of noted theatre actor Shriram Lagoo. all people to see, but they don’t find guruji there. Guruji is deeply hurt as he deceives the villagers. Bajirao tries to frame guruji in a molestation case.

And at the last, The Mastar tells her how people love his thoughts, his acts and how in his memory they have built a statue of his.In court, in a twist of fate, while telling the truth to the judge The dancer dies as she falls for the teacher and is unable to save him

The budget or total expense of this movie is  around 1.25 at that time crore (approx). The first or opening day box office collection of this movie is around 0.55 Crore Approx.