Marcus Rashford Devastated Over His Stolen £20,000 Rolex Day Date II Watch

Marcus Rashford Devastated Over His Stolen £20,000 Rolex Day Date II Watch :- This Sunday began with the shocking news for all the football fans, especially for the fans of the Manchester United. The latest news is coming out that the star footballer of Manchester United, Marcus Rashford has lost his luxury watch.


It is believed that Marcus was owing the Rolex Day Date 2 watch and the 18-year-old Manchester United player has devasted over the loss of the Rolex watch. This incident took place when Marcus had kept his watch with the staff when he went to trampolining with family and friends.

Then, he just forgets to reflect the expensive Rolex watch by the time period of  the £8.95 session. And when, he went to reclaim it, the staff told him that a man reclaimed it by telling that he is one of the relatives of Marcus.

According to the close source of the Marcus, it is believed that Marcus is completely devastated by the loss of his watch. The source added that Marcus brought that expensive watch by himself and it was considered to be one of his biggest purchases.

The close sourced revealed the reason why Marcus is so upset with the loss of this watch? He told the reporter that Marcus is really upset, not only because he lost that watch, but just because one of the guys just claimed his relative and took it.


Meanwhile, everyone knows that Marcus is the very grounded person. He is been one of the sensible lads in football circuits. And this loss is really hurting this young lad.

Although, after the Police complaint, Police arrested a man on suspicion, but currently he is on bail. And, it looks difficult that his watch will be reclaimed again.

Marcus scored two goals in his debut for the Manchester United and for his match winning performance he was  £50,000 a week. Meanwhile, this incident has made one theory proved, a loss of watch, even hurts the millionaire male communist.