Marrakech 2016: Save Us from global warming, US urged

Marrakech 2016: Save Us from global warming, US urged  : The Global Warming is the biggest problem in the front of the world. To solve this, Paris Climate Agreement has come. But, it seems that this agreement will not do anything in the near future as the newly elected US President Donald Trump has promised to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement and scrap all payments for UN global warming projects.


The next head of the UN global climate talks has appealed for the US to “save” Pacific islands from the impacts of global warming.

Mr Bainimarama said that climate change was not a hoax, as US President-elect Donald Trump has claimed.

Mr Bainimarama said that I again appeal to the newly President of the US Donald Trump to show leadership on this issue by abandoning his position that man-made climate change is a hoax.

He also made a direct call to the American people to come to their aid in the face of rising seas, driven by global warming. I say to the American people, you came to save us then, and it is time for you to help save us now.”

The number of countries have ratified the agreement jumped above 100 with the UK joining during the last few days of the conference.

World Resources Institute – Paula Caballero said that Delegates in Marrakech made crucial progress in building the foundation to support the Paris agreement, which went into force just days before COP22.

Some of the poorest nations in the world announced that they were with agreement and were moving towards 100% green energy at this meeting.

As per the Climate Vulnerable Forum that 47 member countries, including Yemen, Ethopia, and Bangladesh, would achieve this goal between 2030 and 2050. They challenged richer countries to do the same.

The talks will continue in 2017 with a new US delegation picked by the Trump administration.