Bangalore Rape: Married man rapes 20-year-old neighbour!

Bangalore Rape: Married man rapes 20-year-old neighbour! :- We all know that how Rape is becoming the main problem of the world right now. Even in India, so many cases are coming out on daily basis and we don’t know how to stop them. I think people need to understand the limits and treat everyone equally will make this problem little less. Well, a recent case of Rape is straight coming out from Bangalore where a 35-Year-old married man rapped and forcefully abducted the 20-year-old women.

Also, the men tried to tied ‘mangalsutra’ on her forcefully and raped her at his residence in Agrahara Dasarahalli. Also, the sources are saying that the accused, Santosh, who ran a laundry shop, has now has been arrested by the Magadi Road police, following a complaint by the woman’s mother, a vegetable seller, the next day. Also, the sources are saying that the accused was obsessed with the women and even he was married he wants her in any case.

Married man rapes 20-year-old neighbour!

Even the reports are coming that the accused Santosh is a father of two children but was abandoned by his wife because of his alcohol addictions. Also, the sources are saying that Santosh got attracted to the victim, a resident of the same area. Also, he tried to approach her a lot of time but she is not interested in him. As per the reports, he along with his mother approached the victim’s mother with a marriage proposal three to four times but they rejected every time.

Well, the victim’s mother is against the marriage because of the Santosh’s addiction to alcohol and age factor. Also, according to the complaint filed by the victim’s mother, on August 24 her daughter left to her grandmother’s house at 9.30 pm to sleep there.

“I grew suspicious and went to Santosh’s house to find my daughter sitting and sobbing,” the victim’s mother said adding that Santosh escaped from the house after he saw her.

“My mother stays alone in a house in the same street. Every night she would go to her house to sleep and her brother would drop her. On a fateful day, as it was late, she went alone and before she could reach my mother’s house Santosh abducted her to his house,” the victim’s mother said in the complaint.