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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017 Quotes Slogans Sayings Whatsapp Status Dp Images :- Martin Luther King Jr. The day is officially the happy birthday of the great Martin Luther King Jr. It’s a federal holiday to commemorate the birth anniversary of this great soul. It is observed on the third Monday of January every year and hence the date varies from year to year. This year, the holiday will be celebrated on 16th January next week. This holiday comes under Uniform Monday Holiday Act throughout the US.

Dr. Martin Luther King tells a news conference in Selma, Alabama on Feb. 5, 1965, that he feels there is a need for new legislation on the right to vote. He vowed to continue the voter registration drive ìuntil the victory is won.î King was bearded following a five day stay in jail. (AP Photo/Horace Cort)

Martin Luther King Jr. was the great soul. He was the champion of the nonviolent activist movement that aimed towards bringing social equality in the US by way of removing all forms of racism and racial discrimination in federal and state law. The demand for federal holiday almost began immediately after the King’s demise. Since 1983, the holiday is being celebrated every year. Now, it is observed officially in all US states. For the first time, it became a national holiday in 2000.

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The concept of celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday was promoted by the US labour unions in contract negotiation. The US representative John Conyers (A Michigan Democrat) and the US Senator Edward Brooke (A Massachusetts Republican) introduced a bill in Congress to demand a national holiday to commemorate the King’s birthday after the death of great Martin Luther King Jr.

The bill was first brought to the US House of Representatives in 1979. However, it couldn’t get official sanction as the bill was put down due to lack of required five votes. The main arguments why the bill got first rejected due to paid holiday for federal staff will be too costly and a holiday to honour a private citizen would contradict the US tradition. However, the occasion would be inspiring for a trillion people who wish to work for a greater cause.