Martina Thariyan Is First Queen! MTV Splitsvilla 9 26th June 2016 Episode Hd Video Tasks

Martina Thariyan Is First Queen! MTV Splitsvilla 9 26th June 2016 Episode Hd Video Tasks :- The reality TV show MTV Splitsvilla 9 is probably the most anticipated show and last night episode of the loved based reality show was the indeed special as the show witnessed the selection of the first ‘Queen’ of the villa.


Martina Thariyan Is First Queen! MTV Splitsvilla 9 Tasks

The first dumping ground of the season held in which, we saw how Ishaan and Sushant getting eliminated and Abhishek, becoming the first person to compete in dumping stands. This season of the show actually speaks about various changes but all are unique.

The lovely pair of Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singha is holding responsibility to host this season also of the show and the episode of the show is yet excited one as this is first time, when the only queen will rule the Villa and not both the queen and the king as there will no king this time.

So in the loving reality TV show Splitsvilla 9, there is tagline “Where Women Rule”. So now the princess performs their first task which is the very difficult but the girls manages to perform well on the task.

They all performed the task in order to win the titled “Queen Bee”. It was designed to select the first queen who will run the villa sitting on the throne. They have to establish their coordination with the boys.

The first two round went smooth but in the third round got attention due to some heat. The girls Mayuri Das and Martina Thariyan both gave a stiff competition to win the throne. However, after a great fight, Martina became the queen and got all power to exercise.

After that, Martina became winner now her first job was to dump the boys who were already present in the dumping ground. But, there was a twist. It was brought by the Book of the Fortune. Everybody got a peace of mind, as the book asked princesses that she have to save a boy.

After the decision of the princesses, the queen announced her decision to dump Karan Chabbra and Subhashish. Neeharika felt sad as her connection with Subhashish was strong and she became angry on Martin as she dumped him.
So now Subhashish says good bye to the Splitsvilla 9 on its very first dumping round. After her decision to dump him Martin faces lots of criticism but she handles the same in her cool style.