Massive Protests turns Violent over new districts in Telangana state

Massive Protests turns Violent over new districts in Telangana state : On Friday, Massive protests erupted in several parts of Telangana while the government is going to constitute new districts. An all-party discussion and Cabinet meet are scheduled for Saturday.


Protests augmented mainly over the proposed Gadwal, Jangaon and Mulugu (Sammakka Saralamma) districts. A large number of leaders and protesters have been arrested.

JAC calls for bandh today in districts
Telangana state Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is organizing the all-party meet to explain leaders on the plan for new districts, that is based on a report from a set of senior officials and the Cabinet sub-committee headed by Deputy Chief Minister Mohd Mahmood Ali.

The announcement of TS CM Mr. Rao that the new districts will come into being from Dasara as also the leak of the list of 17 new districts has generated many complicated problems. It is setting off many demands from many quarters for more of new districts in the state Telangana.

On Friday, at least 20 opposition leaders and others protesters who hit the streets in three towns were arrested to blunt the edge of the district push. D.K. Aruna who is Congress MLA from Gadwal threatened to go on a fast-unto-death if the TRS government did not include Gadwal in the list of new districts.

In Warangal, disobeying the ban on assembly, scores of people from Ghanpur, Cherial, Maddur, Jangoan, and other areas conjoined on the roads, pressing the demand for a Jangaon district and raising slogans against the government.

Protests also flared up in Mulugu in Warangal district demanding a  new Sammakka Sarala-MMA district. For the present, the BJP, TD, TRS, Left parties, Congress, MIM and others are getting ready for the all-party meet on Saturday, with their demands and suggestions.