Today Task! MasterChef India Season 5 Episode 23rd October 2016 YouTube Hd Video Elimination

Today Task! MasterChef India Season 5 Episode 23rd October 2016 YouTube Hd Video Elimination :- The famous Indian cooking reality TV show “Master Chef India” brought by Star Plus has landed in season five and now it’s the sixth episode was telecast on Saturday which is actually well received by the audiences.


After last week’s elimination with Ashwin going back, 15 home cooks remain in the race to win the very prestigious title “The Master Chef India challenge”.

Last week’s challenge was a team task, and all fifteen home cooks were divided into three teams consisting of five team members in each team. The teams were randomly given yellow, red and green aprons. The color of the apron actually selects the members of the each team and the captain of the each team should go with the selection of the colors of apron for their team.

The work was organized at the Italian restaurant Prego in Westin Mumbai Garden City Hotel under the guidance of Chef Rahul Dhavale, the Executive chef of the restaurant. The teams were given the task to prepare Italian cuisine in just 1 and half hour for the fifty real guests arriving at the hotel. The teams were scored by the guests and the team scoring least went in the elimination round on Sunday.

Judges introduced immunity pin in Saturday’s episode and the performer who will perform well in the particular episode going to have a pin safe for three weeks. Anyway, the performer of the winning team needs to be best to gain the immunity pin.

The Blue Team: Shipra (c), Sreelaxmi, Siddharth, Mirvaan, and Samantha. The team prepared the first course and their delicious dishes were Anti Pasti, Octopus Fennel with Orange Salad, Salmon Mousse, and Egg Plant Parmigiana.
Yellow Team: Kirti (c), Jatin, Anagha, Rohini, and Abhilasha. They prepared the main course dishes, and their menu was the tasty non vegetarian dish including, Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Sundried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts, and Ricotta Cheese.

Red Team: Ajay (C), Pradip, Dinesh, Sadaf, and Ashima. They cooked a dessert, and the dish was Dolce-Tea-Ramisu and Pistachio Biscotti.

All teams were given one or two hours each to prepare their dishes. The blue team initiated the cooking followed one hour late by Yellow team and the Red team also tries to complete their dishes after one hour.

The red team won the Italian meal team challenge with 24 votes from the customers. Blue team got the least no of votes so perhaps the team will be seen eviction this Sunday. The yellow team got 19 votes from the customers. Dinesh proved his bent and outshined in the team challenge and won the immunity pin. #star plus online #masterchef India online#masterchef India live