Mata ji reveal Malti’s truth! Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2016 Episode Written Update

The episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” start with Kaal(devil) drinks blood, Kaal says that I get my powers back by drinking human blood. I am fear from Simar but I have to take me to Chandarmani from her and he plays flute. Simar now looked herself in the mirror and thinks about the person who cried on his wife’s death, she now wants to know how after death there is no blood remains in the human body.

Mata ji reveal Malti's truth! Sasural Simar Ka 13th March 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Chandarmani also thinks about the women of the Bharadwaj family like Roli, Anjali, Simar so on. Now Roli is worry to see that Simar is worry. Now Simar thinks about the Malti’s words, that the Bharadwaj family need protection. Simar also said I can’t put my family at risk.

Malti comes to Mata ji and thinks to do something by which the Mata Ji will do such a thing that Simar will give Chandarmani to me herself, she says to Mata ji that this is the time to reveal the secret of us to family, so now Mata jis starts walking with Malti. In the night Mata Ji made the entire Bharadwaj family embarrassed.

Now something happened by which Mata Ji became hypnotised and she starts walking. Now Simar goes with Mata Ji, and try to make her stop but Mata ji doesn’t listen to her and keep walking, now Mata Ji arrived in the graveyard, now Simar enters in the graveyard, and Simar try to take Mata Ji away from the graveyard.

When Mata Ji settled herself in the graveyard, then Simar tries to bring Mata Ji back but Mata Ji strongly push Simar. Simar shocked to see the power of the Mata Ji and wants to know how she gets such a huge power. Simar shocked and looked on.

PRECAP- Malti says to Simar that I am aware from it that you can do anything for your family; give me Chandarmani, so Simar decided to give Chandarmani to Malti for the sake of the Bharadwaj family.