Mazak Mazak Mein 3rd Episode 30th July 2016 Video Mumbai Punters VS Punjabi Fukreys!

Mazak Mazak Mein 3rd Episode 30th July 2016 Video Mumbai Punters VS Punjabi Fukreys! :- A new stand-up comedy show is hit TV last week with the bang and the show is indeed having a comical line SawalNaakKa named as the Indian Mazak League (Mazak Mazak Mein) which promises to bring a whole new flavor of comedy as well as huge entertainment.


One of the popular TV channel Life OK TV launched the show with a brand new format and the show is touted as a different comical show from the existing show.

As we all know that the show is inspired by the concept of a hit cricketing league- Indian Premier League, the Indian Mazak League’s show format has been organized in the similar structure.

There will be a total of 5 teams which will compete with each other just like the cricketing league, IPL, reach the finals and win the show. Every team will have a captain appointed along with members of stand-up comedians who will need to perform in the show.

At the end of the show winner is going to have an IML trophy. There will be initial rounds of the tournament followed by quarter final rounds, semi-final rounds, and the grand finale.

As per the reports, tonight one of the popular stands up comedian Raju Shrivastav steals the show completely and his fellow team member including Albela and VIP praised him a lot during the promotion of the show as they are heavily impressed from him.

Tonight on the state 2 teams are all set to see and they will be seen doing competition with each other and the team are including Mumbai Punters VS Punjabi Fukreys!

It will be interesting to see between these 2 teams who is going to impress the audiences as the team who will be able to impress the audiences is going to have a massive number of scores.

Tonight stars like Chandan Prabhakar will be dazzles the screen of the show Sawal Naak Ka Hain – Mazak Mazak Mein so doesn’t forget to catch the show at 8:00 PM only on Life OK TV